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MicroTron controller 

MicroTron Controllers

Regular Price: $699.00

Special Price: $596.00

LMI A011 Series Metering Pump 

LMI A141 Metering Pump)

Regular Price: $697.00

Special Price: $458.00

JSJ Meter 

JSJ Meter (Model JSJ062)

Special Price: $399.00

Special Price: $299.00


EnviroAqua is a full service water treatment company based in Los Angeles, California that specializes in water treatment of Boiler and Cooling systems. We are experts in the treatment of waste water requiring stringent compliance with the local and federal EPA regulations.

EnviroAqua caters to a variety of industries ranging from textile manufacturing, food, biotech, pharmaceutical, hospital, refining ans chemical plants. More than just a specialty chemical provider, we are a group of qualified engineers experienced with many different plant processes ready to solve any water related problems you may be experiencing.

Our services are designed to assist the facility or the plant manager with additional tools for daily operation of equpment. At the same time, EnviroAqua reduces costs and generates a higher return your water treatment expenses.